Riverside Natural School, Next to Central Bank of India, Mohgaon - 481663

Our Journey so far

  • School

    (As a day-school, our average attendance would dip to 20% during monsoons. With the residential program, our average attendance even in peak monsoon has not dipped below 97%)

    Residential-Cum-Day School

    Since 2016, we have been running a residential-cum-day school with 210 children. From 2021, we will start our second school in Mandla for 600 children, helping us reach a total of 750 children across schools.


    (An increase in BMI by 5.6% for children under our care, in comparison to the month they were admitted to the shelter home.)

    Nutritional And Healthcare

    110 children reside in the community shelter home where their nutrition and healthcare needs are cared for by a dedicated 9-member staff that is available round the clock.


    (We have children of migrant workers in school who have missed school for a year or more. Our system takes care of learning needs of each of these children. Tinkering and origami are activities that all children enjoy.)

    Child Specific Experiential Education

    Within the education we provide children, the emphasis is on hands-on skills and a healthy blend of mind and heart. We have classes from pre-primary till Class 7 and doing is at the core of all learning.


    (In 2019-20, a team of students won the best robot design award at IIT-Indore. Our students have participated in tech fests at IIITDM Jabalpur and IIT Indore. Our students have played the CM’s Cup for Football and have represented district, division and state.)

    Future Technologies (FT) and Sports

    With our experience of 10 years in the region, we have identified the cultural capital and have worked on it to develop programs in Future Technologies and Sports – both of which aim to help our students build sustainable livelihood skills of the future.



    We have a total staff strength of 32 people with a driving body of 5 members. We are inspired by the essence of the great spiritual masters that emphasizes the unity of mankind and calls for action for the suffering brothers and sisters in the world. We are not an idea-centric organization and are open to any idea that leads to better education for children. However, we are realizing that the main powerresides in service to others.