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We started football and wushu programs for all our residential school and Government school children in 2 villages.

This year, we had 150 children who were introduced to football and wushu for the very firrst time.
3 participants selected for the national football camp held in Mandla - 2 of these players played in the nationals
9 girls competed in the state level wushu tournament held in Ujjain - 1 of them - Jayanti Wate played in the under-56 kg weight category in the nationals at Jalandhar



Computer and English are two key programs that can provide a reasonably
secure livelihood along with agriculture that is the backbone of this region. Thus, we have ensured that our children from Class 1 onwards are well-versed in these skills.
We continue to work on basic schooling through a learning by doing approach. Majority of our teachers are local and we work hard to train them on a day to day basis.
For English, we have used the Karadi Path English program, which has helped our teacher improve her skills, and thus, in turn, aided her to teach effectively.
In the field of Computer Science, we are teaching Scratch programming to children – eventually these children will learn coding.

We are also conducting agriculture courses in collaboration with local farmers.


At Mrida, we are focusing on the inner and external well-being of each child.

Recognizing that malnutrition was a terrible scourge in this region, we started the community shelter home last year where we accommodated and fed 40 children.

These children are participants of our sports programs and/or study at Riverside. Parents of these children provide food grain and we supplement the diet with vegetables, eggs and fish.
For inner well-being, we are drawing inspiration from our own traditional culture of yoga. We have introduced upa yoga from Class 1 onwards that is part of daily practice for the children
and teachers.
Every year, we dedicate one month to celebrations that involve music, dance and theatre.Children sing bhajans, sufi songs and other devotional songs in the school every day.