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The Beginning

Last May, we kicked off Riverside Leagues by organizing a football tournament to select players and then finalized 2 locations, based on the quality of talent in the different places. We picked Jhanda Tolla and Boda Silli and spread to Sahjar in the next 3 months and Mandla in the last 3 months.


Currently, we have 200 dedicated players – 75 are girls – who turn out to play football every morning and evening. We have provided the top 50 players in the under 14 and seniors categories for boys football shoes and jerseys. It has encouraged many more boys and girls to start playing the game.

Initially, we had appointed grassroot coaches who were former players who had played the game at the district level. We soon realized that merely coaching players was not effective if they didn’t get any match practice, so we organize a monthly tournament for boys and girls so they get opportunities to compete against one another.


  • 4 clubs, 200 players registered, 150 + in daily practice.

  • 75 girls who have come out to play for the first time and have shown magnificent improvement. 

  • 7 trained coaches with help of Bridges of Sports . 

  • 75+ matches played internally 5 outside tournaments participated in. 

  • 24 players selected for divisional and district level.

  • Our top runners are finishing the 10Km run in 36 mins

Looking ahead

This year, the 30 top players from this pool have been offered hostel accommodation, schooling at Riverside and food. This is a football scholarship for these players and we plan to ensure that they practice everyday and develop the stamina and game that will take them far.