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Dream: To develop a community design laboratory that can impart modern livelihood generating skills to village youth & encourage them to start similar laboratories/workshops in their own villages


How are we achieving it?

Dedicated rural innovations lab on campus that has facilities and machinery equipment, tools for product development, prototyping and manufacturing.



•  Incubating  Sarai Crafts, a workshop and design lab that is promoted by 21 youth who are currently at the lab. They have so far made various teaching-learning materials, sports and fitness training equipment, wall murals and office decors, L.E.D. display boards, low cost multi-purpose carriers  as well as customized furniture for the school, hostel and the local market.

•   18 boys and 3 girls are  committed members of the Sarai Crafts who dedicate their time and energy to the lab team to have hands-on expertise on the equipments and tools in the lab along with accessing online platforms along with classroom theory sessions to equip themselves to have a better livelihood in the market along with supporting their families financially.

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